He grows on me, you know? Like a parasitic fungus.


He grows on me, you know? Like a parasitic fungus.

The New Grayson Book

Since Tumblr will for some reason never just let me reblog somebody’s post unless it’s on my dashboard or something…

Taterpie posted about the new Grayson book, and I thought:

It kind of seems like they tossed out everything about who the character was because he has no place in the kind of male power fantasies they’re into now, so they’re looking for a way to make him badass by grabbing onto a different trope.

If they were dealing with the Dick Grayson I grew up with it could really be an interesting story because that guy would be seriously conflicted about lying and manipulating people—and he certainly wasn’t somebody who would particularly like honeytrapping people like the men and women on The Americans do. 

Lying to everyone about being dead and causing them that kind of pain is also the type of thing that Bruce would do and Dick would think was a terrible thing to do—I’m pretty sure he even said that in the past. But since New 52 it seems like nobody cares about anybody overmuch so nothing matters, tbh.

Mad Men thought

So, you know, Matthew Weiner says how this season’s all about the consequences of actions and choices. But the problem is, I feel like the only reason they took those actions and made those choices was so that MW could have suffer these consequences. So it doesn’t feel very organic.

I think that’s why these people can manage to be really eloquent and determined about getting themselves into trouble, but not to get themselves out.

A note about the HIMYM finale

I just wanted to say something in response to a thing I keep hearing about the HIMYM finale in defense of it. (Btw, if you liked it, that’s cool and you enjoy that.) But this is the thing I keep reading:


"The finale we got was perfect and right because it wasn’t the fairy tale ending. Real life is messy—it’s not a fairy tale! This ending showed that and that’s beautiful!"

I just feel the need to break that down a little bit. Fairy tales tend to be associated with magical intervention in service of making sure the hero gets kind of improbably rewarded and validated, right? So according to this theory, if you’re a healthy guy in your 30s and…

You meet a healthy young woman with whom you have a lot in common. You fall in love and quickly have two kids whose high school graduations you both live long enough to see. 

That a fairy tale. Never happen in the real world. Stop dreaming!

However, if you’re the same guy and…

You fall in love at first sight with beautiful woman who rejects you because you want different things and she doesn’t love you. Then she comes to regret it and realize that you were her chance at happiness! So some day in the future she’ll be grateful for the big romantic gesture she once didn’t go for and it will work the way it never did before. Also she still looks mostly the same. 

That’s the gritty, realistic ending. No wish-fulfillment there at all.

In short, just saying lots of time passed and life stuff happened in the finale doesn’t make it the Six Feet Under finale montage.


Various job-related issues aside, a question worth considering… are Philip and Elizabeth good parents?

If you can ignore the whole fact that their life is a dangerous lie that pulls the kids into it—which I can ignore to discuss their everyday interactions—yes. And the kids’ development seems to show that. There are plenty of people who had kids under much better circumstances and don’t try as hard—and people who also bring kids into less than ideal situations.

Mad Men: Behind the Scenes (x)

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While I do sincerely feel for the distress the HIMYM fandom is going through right now…

..It is a little more than satisfying to know that those of us in the Dexter fandom are now not the only ones who had to experience a shit ending to a beloved series.

Some of us were in both!

Though luckily I was only a casual viewer of HIMYM so Dexter still reigns supreme there.

The Twilight Zone (1959) S03E24 - To Serve Man

I saw the first two .gifs here and before scrolling down I totally thought it was going to be a joke about the HIMYM finale.

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art with people

Robert Frank - The Americans

Mad Men's Creator: Don Draper Represents American Society


"Martin Luther King, Jr. being murdered was so shameful to white people—no one was wondering who did it, or how it happened. Rather, they were waiting for it, and then there it was, and they were part of it in some way."

The hero is an antihero.”

"people hate Pete a lot of times. I know that as the experience of looking in the mirror. You can go to the supermarket and see 90 percent of the people in line at the cash register do something Pete Campbell-like before they leave the store. Pete has his virtues, but they’re very hard on him. They really feel superior to him. And it’s amusing to me, because they’re not."

"no one really has a good marriage; the men are completely dominant."

"Don cheated on her for years, and people hated her. I never understood that."

About Sally: “I’m not going to say what’s going to happen, but oldest children, especially females, with parents like Don and Betty—more even like Don, who are alcoholics—they’re perfectionists. That’s not really how you build a criminal. That’s how you build a senator.”

"After that episode where he essentially plays a sadomasochistic game with Sylvia, I was surprised to hear certain people be like, “What’s going on? He’s, like, so abusive and stuff.” And I said, “No, they’re playing a game that adults play.”"